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New Circular Runway Concept For Airports

As our technological capabilities increase, so does our novel ideas. The evolution of technology and ideas go hand-in-hand, and they complement each other. Well, as far as novel ideas go, we have to admit that the Circular Airport Runway Concept is definitely up there. The Endless Runway Concept is the brainchild of Dutch scientist Henk …

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Poppi | Airline Of The Future

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Teague is an air travel design firm that started working with Boeing in the mid-1940s. Now, they created a new airline concept called Poppi. It’s really innovative and it offers solutions to complex airline systems. The idea is to create a name, a brand that customers would love. It has to do with loyalty, but most importantly, …

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17 Unique And Terrifying Airports Around The World

Statistics from 2013 say that there were 41,821 airports worldwide, while today the number is probably even higher. We have all heard of JFK, Heathrow, Charles De Gaulle, LAX and the like, but did you know that there is an airport that runs on solar energy, or one that leads straight to jail. Or, do …

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