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Teague is an air travel design firm that started working with Boeing in the mid-1940s. Now, they created a new airline concept called Poppi. It’s really innovative and it offers solutions to complex airline systems.

The idea is to create a name, a brand that customers would love. It has to do with loyalty, but most importantly, the connection between the company and the customers. Airlines do a poor job in communicating with the customers, and Poppi would create Membership and Loyalty programs that would empower that connection. The idea is to complete three main objectives, each adding an innovative approach.

Poppi Terminal

Poppi will improve gate experience and make it quicker and more efficient.

Poppi Luggage Bins

Fedora Bins would save valuable space.

First one would be baggage fees and cabin luggage. The idea is to use “fedora bins” that only hold personal items, and use no cabin luggage at all. Checked baggage will be stamped with an RFID tag so you can keep a track of it. The bins would increase the speed of boarding process, save space and millions in fuel.

Poppi Promotional Class

Middle seats will be a part of “promotional class”.

Like we said, the idea is to make a Membership club, and middle seats would be featured as “promotional class”. The members would receive gifts from sponsors. Also, the gate experience would be improved. It would no longer be crowded and people would get information via mobile devices. This would make the boarding time quicker. There would also be a “cinema class”, made in a collaboration with TV and film production companies. This way, customers would get exclusive content. [via]

Poppi Cinema Class

“Cinema class” will give passengers exclusive content.

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