Physical Therapy vs Physiotherapy: What’s the Difference?

Did you know that more than a hundred million people suffer from musculoskeletal injuries each year? But, when treating these injuries, there can be confusion on which option is best for you to go to – physical therapy or physiotherapy.

Physical Therapy and Physiotherapy are both methods that are used to heal different types of injuries. Although they sound alike and are used in place of each other, they each have their key differences. In recent years, there is an increased demand for both of these options.

Keep reading to learn about physical therapy vs physiotherapy and which option best suits your needs.

What Is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy is more exercise based. This means that most physical therapists use forms of exercise, such as walking, to help someone recover after an injury.

Physical therapists are more likely to use special walkers as equipment to help an injured patient. This method is more likely to use a mobility-based approach when treating patients.

Physical Therapy is very important for athletes who desire to play again while managing their long-term injuries. Many athletes have done treatment for injuries many times, making physical therapy an essential part of it.

Ankle and knee injuries are one of the most common injuries that use Physical Therapy. This is because they are a part of daily actions such as walking and bending. These types of injuries usually must be exercised regularly.

What Is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is more likely to use electrical shockwaves to help the patient’s nerves which helps with recovery. Exercise is less commonly used but some methods can include stretching.

Additionally, physiotherapy is more likely to use needling techniques. Acupuncture is one of them because it can help to stimulate the central nervous system. Physiotherapy is also important for athletes to manage pain when taking part in athletic events.

Back and neck injuries are often treated with physiotherapy due to the ability to target pain through stimulation.

Physiotherapy uses a more hands-on approach when treating patients. Awesome Physiotherapy is a great way to look into your physiotherapy needs. Physiotherapy benefits include managing age-related concerns, improving balance, and improving vascular conditions.

Physical Therapy vs Physiotherapy?

The option that best suits you is dependent on a lot of factors. Physical therapy vs physiotherapy relies on knowing the extent of your injury and how you are told to treat it by your doctor. Knowing the location of the injury also plays an important role. Some parts of the body are better suited for one method over the other.

Knowing your athletic ability and if you would like to take part in activities is also an important factor.

If you feel that your injury could be alleviated by walking or moving around slowly to build up your strength, you may want to look into physical therapy. But, if you think your injury could be improved by stimulation, consider looking into physiotherapy.

Either way, both methods are highly effective in helping someone manage and recover from their injuries. Reach out today to see how best to treat your injury!

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