Is Baldness Permanent?

Most people think that when they start to lose their hair – that’s it, there’s no chance to get their hair back. However, baldness or hair loss is not necessarily permanent. It is important to establish the cause of your hair loss as this may well be reversible – and even if it isn’t, there’s no need to simply accept that this is how you look now, if you don’t want to.
Looking at Baldness as a Medical Issue

There is actually quite a bit of evidence that shows baldness, hair loss or hair thinning can be reversed. How does this happen? There are many different methods, but the most common one is to stimulate the hair follicles so they can regrow their own hair.

One way to do this is by using minoxidil lotion every day for about four months which should cause new hairs to grow. There is also laser therapy which uses lasers to destroy hair follicles and promote new growth.

Your baldness might be the result of another underlying illness or problem and your hair will grow back once that is treated. It might be as a result of too many harsh treatments that you have used on your hair over the years. It may be as a result of a very stressful period in your life.

It is important to go to your doctor when you notice your hair thinning as they will be able to determine the cause and look into treatments.

Hair Transplants

Sometimes hair loss is a result of genetics, and you could tell from an early age that you would lose your hair because many in your family have going back the generations. One way to regain your hair in such cases is through a hair transplant, where hairs are moved from a donor area on your body to the balding or thinning area.

Hair transplants are becoming more popular, and more doctors are recommending them as a solution if other options have failed. Loss of hair can have a significant effect on your mental health and the rise of mental health awareness has contributed to this increase in popularity, as well as the vast improvements in hair transplant techniques.

Hair transplants should be undertaken by specialists as they will have the knowledge and experience to do an excellent job – they should be considering how the rest of your hair will age and thin and ensure that the transplant will fit in as you age as well as that it looks good now. You should research specialist clinics such as and investigate their reviews and previous work carefully to make sure that you get the best treatment you can.

Keeping Your Self-Esteem While Going Through Treatment

Hair loss is common among men, and it seems to be happening even earlier than in previous generations, with factors like stress, health problems and genetics all playing into the development of baldness. It can be hard to go through this though, as many people feel like their self-esteem is going down the drain as they start to feel embarrassed about how they look.

If you feel like this is the case, then you might want to talk with your doctor about some additional treatment options that could help speed up the process of regrowth as well as investigating methods of positive thinking and stress reduction. It can be hard when results don’t happen as quickly as you would like them to. Try to take regular photos so that you have a record of how far your hair growth has come.

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