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SaddleBaby | Shoulder Child Carrier With BackPack


As wonderful additions as children are to our family, carrying them can be difficult. Luckily for us, innovative solutions have been created which makes taking them places all the more comfortable and easier. One of those solutions is the SaddleBaby Hands-Free Shoulder Carrier, that makes carrying your child a breeze. When a child gets tired, …

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Rogue Laptop Backpack | By Timbuk2


As far as backpacking goes, we all know what brilliant backpacks Timbuk2 has produced as of yet. Perfect for camping, hiking or simply as a college, commuting or school backpack, the Timbuk2 Rogue Laptop Backpack was designed to keep your gear, and especially your laptop, safe. Based out of San Francisco, Timbuk2 has been creating …

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Top 5 College Backpacks For Under $100

Whether it be for college, school, commuting, or even work, a decent quality backpack is a must. It needs to be lightweight, yet strong enough to carry all of your books, or essentials, and it must look good and have an air of uniquity about it. We all know that it feels awesome when you …

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Kayacat | The Multipurpose Boat In A Backpack


Kickstarter has brought us many innovative ideas and technologies but we can assure you that you have never seen anything like this before. If you are a water lover, then the Kayacat is definitely something that you should own. Pre-order from Kickstarter here. The Kayacat is a watercraft that truly is like nothing else in …

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Original Xiaomi 20L Sports Backpack


As our collaboration with Gear Best continues, we’ve already shown you one mega-bargain electronic product, but there is much more to come. Like the Xiaomi 20L Backpack that you are guaranteed to find at no better price. Perfect for school, traveling or commuting, this 20L Backpack by Xiaomi is comfortable, adjustable and even water resistant. …

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Sven 15” Saw | Perfect Camping Or Backpacking Tool


We all know that when it comes to camping, you need to have the proper tools for the job. However, those proper tools also have to comply with the amount of packing space that you have available and you can’t really carry an entire saw in your backpack, or can you? Presenting the Sven 15” …

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HackedPack | The Double Hammock Backpack


We all know of the various benefits that camping with a hammock has to offer but there is always one problem, they are difficult to pack and transport. However, thanks to a brilliant new invention, that is no longer the problem. Introducing the HackedPack Hammock Backpack! The HackedPack is extremely easy to use and ensures …

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Etekcity Ultralight Portable Backpack Camping Stove


There is no doubt about it that camping is good for the soul. However, it might not always be as good for your back and that’s why products like the Kyboka are designed. Although, sometimes it is unnecessary and you just feel like backpack camping which requires lightweight equipment. Luckily for us, a decent lightweight …

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Toaks | A Titanium Backpacking Wood Stove


It seems that we truly are living in the age of information and innovation. Everything from technology to camping gear is becoming more compact and, yet, all the more powerful. Earlier we featured the Ecozoom Dura Rocket Stove that stood as a testament to a powerful burner but on an even more compact and still …

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Husqvarna | 580BTS Gas Backpack Blower


The name Husqvarna has long been known as a forerunner when it comes to garden tools. Simply put, Husqvarna has made life easier for millions of people and their latest, the 580 BTS 75.6cc Gas Backpack Blower, is a mighty powerful tool that was created to do just that and make your life simpler so that …

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