Toaks | A Titanium Backpacking Wood Stove


It seems that we truly are living in the age of information and innovation. Everything from technology to camping gear is becoming more compact and, yet, all the more powerful. Earlier we featured the Ecozoom Dura Rocket Stove that stood as a testament to a powerful burner but on an even more compact and still powerful scale, is the Toaks Titanium Backpacking Wood Stove.

Small, compact, easy to carry and burns like a pyre is what can be said for the Toaks. It also won the Outdoor Industry Award in 2015.

Toaks by itself and a picture showing its thermal flow

The Award Winning design of the Toaks allows it to combust the wood via 3 different mechanisms that ensure an optimal thermal flow field. In essence, it is small and still extremely efficient.

We all know that titanium is an exceptionally tough and durable metal and that’s why the Toaks is made from it. However, we did say that it is small and perfect for backpacking. The Toaks only measures 4 1/8” in diameter x 4 1/8” in height when packed and extends to 4 1/8” diameter x 8” in height when unpacked. Because it is so small, the Toaks only weighs 225g. This means that you can easily slip it into your backpack and be on your way. Check out the video below.

The Toaks collapsed and in its bag.

It’s collapsible and comes with a carry bag so that you can easily take it wherever you go.

Because the Toaks is a wood burning stove, there is no need for propane or butane and the way that it works (and why it won an award), is because the Toaks features a 2nd and 3rd combustion mechanism that combusts the wood and wood gas to ensure an optimal thermal flow field. Needless to say, it’s small but it is extremely efficient.

The Toaks comes with an easy carry bag so that you can take it on all your adventures.

Get it from Amazon here.

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