Mobile-Friendly Intranets for Remote Work: Top Benefits

Mobile devices have become an integral part of our life. Mobile phones or tablets are handy, from checking emails to connecting with teammates. The pandemic has given the usage of mobile phones a push. Many employees and organisations prefer remote workplaces as it has many benefits.

With the rise of remote working culture, the importance of mobile-friendly intranet facilities has been increasingly understood. Employees can easily access emails while having their morning coffee or connect with their colleagues over a Zoom call while driving a car. This way, they can boost their productivity and connectivity within a spread-across workforce. Today, we will discuss the mobile-optimised intranet’s vital role in remote working culture and its benefits for employees and businesses.

The Advantages of Mobile Intranet:

A mobile intranet is a solution where employees can connect to the necessary resources and knowledge. Gone are the days when work used to mean tied to a desk in the office. With a mobile intranet, employees have the flexibility to use virtual workspace. Need to access a critical document while waiting for your flight? No problem. Want to review a procedure while enjoying a latte at your favourite coffee shop? It’s a breeze. Discover how you can access these benefits with an Intranet free demo.

Let’s discuss more such benefits of mobile intranet facilities:

Accessibility Anytime, Anywhere:

Imagine you are working from your home desk or sitting on a plane heading to an important meeting. With mobile intranet access, you can have all the essential information just a click away. This accessibility allows you to work from anywhere confidently. No matter the circumstances, you are more likely to be productive, efficient, and at your best.

Improved Collaboration:

Communication and collaboration hold a team together, even if the members live miles apart. But how do you improve communication to have a successful remote team? Mobile intranet offers many features that foster collaboration and teamwork. These features include chat functions, video conferencing, document sharing, etc. Remote employees can engage in real-time discussions, brainstorm ideas, and strategise tasks together, just like in a physical office.

Increased Productivity:

Once you use a mobile intranet for your remote work environment, you will experience a significant increase in productivity. Employees can utilise their idle time or breaks to finish quick tasks using their mobile devices or tablets. Whether they are waiting for their daily commute or taking a break during lunch, they can quickly attend a meeting or conference. Because of this accessibility and convenience, they can tackle tasks wherever they are, maximising work efficiency, time management, and productivity at the same time.

Seamless Integration with Other Applications:

One of the main advantages of the mobile intranet is that it can be easily integrated with the already existing applications a business uses. It’ll be a smart idea if businesses use it as a central hub where all the work tools can be accessible. Employees can use a single portal to access all the necessary tools and resources. Whether it’s HR systems, a project management tool, or a CRM tool, everything they need is right there in one place.

Enhanced Work-Life Balance and Flexibility:

People prefer remote jobs because it gives them the freedom to manage work-life balance. Employees are allowed to set their preferred work schedules to match their lives better. They can take care of their family and personal matters and work from different locations at the same time. Mobile intranet makes it possible to manage life and work together seamlessly. Employees do not have to be in a fixed office all the time or follow strict working hours. They can access work-related information, collaborate with teammates, and do their work almost anywhere and anytime. It makes them less stressed and more happy with their work.

Employee Engagement Made Easy:

Keeping remote employees engaged can be challenging, but having a mobile intranet helps a lot. With push notifications and easy access to company info, remote workers stay connected. They can be part of the company culture, stay updated on company news, and participate in organisational events.

Final Thoughts:

Easy access, teamwork, engagement, and productivity – all of these are essential to be successful in remote work setup. Mobile intranet helps employees and organisations achieve this success and prepare them for the future.

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