Anker Powerhouse | A Monster 434Wh Backup Power Supply


We all know that feeling of dread when there’s a thunderstorm booming outside, the power goes off and we have work to complete with our laptop battery draining quickly. In a more severe case, such as the flooding that happened in Houston, it becomes a necessity to have an alternative power supply and the Powerhouse by Anker is an answer to that problem.

Comprised of 36 individual batteries that can each hold 3,350mAh, the Powerhouse has a massive capacity of 120,600mAh or 434Wh. This means that this device which is no larger than a car battery and only weighs in at 9.7 lbs, has the ability to charge a mobile phone for 40 days straight, charge a laptop over 15 times, run a mini-fridge for 7 hours and even power a 15V lamp for over 100 hours.

Anker Powerhouse is being used to charge a tablet on a camping trip

The Anker Powerhouse can charge all your mobile devices

Needless to say, it’s impressive and featuring a smooth aluminum finish it looks good as well. The Powerhouse also has three different output modes to suit whatever you need it for. The modes are a 12V socket, an AC outlet and 4-quick charging USB ports.

Anker Powerhouse charging a tablet and mobile while camping

The Anker Powerhouse features 4 USB ports for mobile devices and can charge your mobile phone for 40 days straight.

Safety with such a monster is a must and Anker added voltage control, temperature control, short circuit prevention and other advanced safety features to ensure that the Powerhouse isn’t a ticking time bomb. One of the best features, in our opinion, is the fact that you can add a compatible solar charger and use the sun to charge the Powerhouse in both emergencies and for use on the road or while camping.

Get it from Amazon here.

Anker Powerhouse being used to power lights while camping

It’s perfect for camping since it can power a 15V light for over 100 hours and can be solar charged with a compatible solar charger.

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