The latest LaCie release, the LaCie Fuel, is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a portable wireless hard drive which combines high performance, original design and abundance of connectivity features (namely a wireless one).

With 1TB of memory, the LaCie Fuel can be used as a typical external hard drive but unlike the ordinary mobile storage devices, it creates its own Wi-Fi network and offers wireless streaming to up to five Apple devices or three HD streams at a time. You can easily transfer or access the data stored on your LaCie Fuel from the computer, smartphone, tablet or other iOS devices by simply tapping on the Dropbox, without any additional cables or cords. The Fuel allows you to quickly drag and drop files and view or play your extensive media library on your iPad, iPhone or Mac with the help of the Seagate Media application available for iOS, Android, and Amazon’s Kindle Fire. The Seagate Media application will automatically categorize the content stored on your Fuel into five categories, including Videos, Photos, Music, Documents and recently played media so you can quickly search for the items you need.

LaCie Fuel wireless storage

The LaCie Fuel plays nicely with AirPlay-compatible devices, which means that by simply tapping your iPad you can watch HD movies on Apple TV or play music from your iPhone on AirPlay-compatible speakers. Another good point about the LaCie Fuel is that in addition to creating its own network, it can also use the connection of nearby Wi-Fi hotspots to provide Internet access to up to four wireless devices. The Fuel contains one Micro-USB 3.0 port which can be used to hook the device to a computer and transfer the files at extraordinary speed or to charge your storage device with the help of the USB cable and power adapter included in the original package.

LaCie Fuel wireless hard drive

The Fuel promises smooth Wi-Fi connection within the range of 45 meters, and the battery provides some 10 hours of active use, which is rather impressive for a mobile storage device, and it can also be used in the Eco-mode. In terms of design, the Fuel takes the shape of a large square pendant, measuring 4.5 inches on either side, which according to LaCie is supposed to resemble a fuel cell and for a device its size, it is rather light as it weighs just some 0.3 kilograms.

To sum up, LaCie Fuel wireless hard drive will certainly prove worth its price as it offers a number of options for all your computing needs in terms of extra storage, neat playback and outstanding connectivity.

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Wireless hard drive by LaCie

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