EFM X Dockers Chelsea Boot


With winter approaching its end, and we can finally get out our spring and summer fashion, chances are that you are going to need some new kicks. As far as sneakers go, it needs to be comfortable, stylish, and go with most of your apparel. We bet that the EFM X Dockers Chelsea Boot is along the lines of what you need.

Dockers joined forces with Donrad Duncan to bring us the Chelsea Boots!

Side view of the EFM X Dockers Chelsea Boot

The side stretch panels allow you to easily put on or pull of the boot, as needed.

Designed to be efficient, and infused with modern technology, the Dockers Chelsea Boots not only look stylish but do not compromise on comfort either. It also covers a wide range of functional modalities, with innovative details that truly makes it one of a kind.

Top view of the EFM X Dockers Chelsea Boot

The premium leather and neoprene construction also makes these boots ultra-durable.

Adaptability and style is given to us through the neoprene and leather that makes up the other part of the shoe. It also comes with a lug sole, and stretch side panels for easy on-and-off action.

These boots are definitely the kicks that you’ll want for this coming summer. Functionality combined with style, and sturdiness combined with durability, makes it truly exceptional.

Get it from Shop Spring here.

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