Drop Box | A Modular Hotel Suite

Microarchitecture and modular construction are getting popular and there’s a perfectly good reason – rationalization of the way of living and focusing on the surrounding rather than the interior. Built in such manner is the Drop Box, a hotel suite that can be placed anywhere.

The idea is for it to be placed on natural locations so that guests can enjoy exploring the surroundings while having a cozy place to stay at. It not only offers a connection with the nature around but is made in a way that doesn’t impact the natural ecological environment. Firstly, it was made using mostly wood, a renewable material that when compared with other building materials uses less energy for transportation and production.

modular hotel suites

Designed by In-Tenta– a Barcelona-based creative studio, Drop Box serves as a modular hotel suite.

Drop Box is modular, produced off-site and just transported to the location to be assembled. The exterior is minimalistic and features raw wooden elements. Both the front and the back side are covered with large floor to ceiling windows, providing fantastic views and filling the inside with natural light. On the front, there’s a nice wooden deck perfect for relaxing and enjoying the surrounding.

the exterior of Drop Box

It was constructed mostly out of wood and has the purpose of reconnecting the guests with the environment.

Drop Box comes in two sizes. One, smaller, is enough to accommodate two while the bigger one can house four people. Depending on how many people will stay in it, this hotel suite consists of either one or two bedrooms. There’s, of course, a nice three piece bathroom inside featuring a panoramic shower. The rest of the furniture include cozy chairs, plenty of shelves for storage and a TV. If you want to check it out yourself, here’s a cool 360 virtual tour of the Drop Box. [via]

the interior of Drop Box

Drop Box comes in two sizes, for either two or four people.

Drop Box bathroom

The bathroom provides the panoramic view.

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