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Slow travelling is coming back in fashion, and by slow we mean taking your time to get to your destination, no rush, no stress, no worry.  So, how about travelling by train? You don’t need to arrive several hours early, wait in long lines to check-in, take off your shoes to be checked, or have a bottle of shampoo thrown out of your suitcase just because it doesn’t conform to airport security guidelines. Continental South-East Asia is certainly one of those areas that should be explored by train, and for that we recommend The Eastern and Oriental Express.

The train, a quarter of a mile long, will take you on a sophisticated and exciting journey through Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Laos. The Eastern & Oriental Express is epitome of luxury. It has been remodeled by Gérard Gallet after its sister train – the one and only Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. Gallet has also designed the famous British Pullman, the pride and joy of the heyday of train travel.

Eastern and Oriental Express

The Eastern & Oriental Express has green and cream carriages with luxurious private wood-paneled cabins called Pullman, State and Presidential Suites, where a steward will be on your back and call 24/7. Each cabin has air-conditioning, an ensuite shower, a lavatory and huge panoramic windows. Presidential Suite, for instance, measures at 125 square feet. There is also a teakwood-paneled observation car decorated in Colonial style, located in the rear of the train. During the day, this is a perfect spot for sightseeing, and at night, for cocktails and entertainment.

Dining on the Eastern & Oriental Express is a great fusion of Eastern and Western cuisines. Head Chef Yannis Martineau and his team will create dishes for you that are nothing short of culinary perfection. The menus are changed seasonally, and the staff will cater to your special diet needs.

If you fancy a cocktail or an aperitif, pop over to the Bar Car and enjoy the music by the resident pianist while sipping on your drink. watch video below

Inside the Eastern and Oriental Express

Room in the Eastern and Oriental Express

Room at the Eastern and Oriental Express

Room in the Eastern and Oriental Express

Eastern and Oriental Express

Eastern and Oriental Express


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