4 Tips On How to Find the Right Underwear for Your Body Type

It would be best if you didn’t have to struggle to find the best underwear for you. The right underwear is what you deserve. You should be able to find both fashionable and comfortable underwear. Stripe & Stare have created the world’s comfiest underwear while keeping their style playful. All you need to do is be familiar with your body type.

Here are four tips to help you find the right underwear.

1. What’s Your Body Shape

The first step to finding the right underwear is determining your body type. There are five common body types to help you identify your shape. You need to know your shape to know what underwear is more flattering on your body.

Round Shape

A round shape bottom is evenly full across the entire top and bottom of the butt. If you have a round shape, almost every underwear style can work and be flattering on you. You can wear underwear with high-cut leg openings, full briefs, and boyshorts to achieve a seamless panty line. Avoid wearing bikinis with tight leg openings because these can create bulges. Brazilian style rides up a full round shape butt.


Pear-shaped bodies with A-shape butts are wider under the hip bone. Women with an A-shape can wear whatever underwear style as long as the fabric is stretchable and doesn’t cut into their thighs.

Heart Shape

The wider bottom with full cheeks and narrow at the top looks like an inverted heart shape. If you have a heart-shaped butt, underwear that hugs the bottom of your butt is a more flattering look. You can try on a full brief to lift your butt and make it look perky or panties made of stretchable and seamless fabrics.

Square Shape

A square-shaped butt is wide throughout, and the line between the outer thigh and hip bone is perpendicular to the ground. For square butts, a thong can create an illusion of curves, and boyshorts create a fuller and more comfortable form.

Inverted Triangle

When the top is heavier or fuller than the bottom, wider at the hips, and narrows towards the bottom, this creates an inverted triangle shape. Wearing boy shorts can shift focus and fill out the bottom part of your butt to create a fuller bottom illusion.

2. Get The Right Fitting Underwear

After knowing your butt shape, you must get the right-fitting underwear. You’ll need a measuring tape to measure yourself and a sizing chart to know what underwear size you need. Not all underwear charts are the same, but you can still get a rough idea of your size range.
Measure Your Hips and Waist, Then Refer Your Measurements To Sizing


Stand flat with your feet close together. Use your tape measure and wrap it around your hips and butt while maintaining the tape parallel to the ground. You can measure your waist by noting where your waist naturally indents in your torso when you bend to the side.

Wrap your measuring tape around your natural waistline, then put a finger between your tape and your body for a comfortable fit. Look up the underwear size chart and see your underwear size according to your measurements.

Look For Firm Elastic and Avoid Extremely Tight Underwear
To keep your underwear from slipping or falling, choose underwear with an elastic waistband. Avoid getting underwear with elasticized leg holes to avoid uncomfortable bunching. Extremely tight underwear can also lead to skin chafing and irritation. You can experience discomfort from tight underwear that leaves marks on your skin.

Check For Bunching, Rolling, or Sagging

Bunching, rolling, or sagging underwear is unflattering. Finding the right fitting underwear for you can prevent these. This can also be a sign of old and worn underwear; and has lost its elasticity.

3. Choose The Best Fabric

Different types of fabrics serve different purposes. Choosing the best underwear fabric for you can be helpful in the long run. If certain fabrics irritate your skin, it may be best to avoid them.

Cotton Underwear

Underwear made of cotton is the most comfortable because moisture doesn’t get trapped in the fabric, making them breathable. Cotton underwear is a good option to avoid yeast and bacterial infections and chafing or rashes.

Synthetic Fabric For A Slimmer Fit

Underwear made of stretchable, synthetic materials like nylon or spandex creates a slimmer, smoother, and more comfortable feel. Seamless underwear is perfect forfeited garments because of the elastic on the leg openings and hips. Cotton lining on the crotch area is vital in making the underwear breathable.

Silk For Special Occasions

Silk underwear is perfect for a luxurious and sexy feeling, but it’s not as breathable as cotton. Ideally, silk underwear is worn during special occasions when you wear form-fitting dresses.

4. Pick Your Style

Lastly, you can choose the underwear style you want. You can pick the style that best compliments your body type and serves the most comfort.


A popular type of underwear is a low-rise bikini that covers less and doesn’t highlight curves. Bikinis are lower on the hips, high on the legs, and have limited coverage in the back. Unfortunately, bikinis are not ideal for every body type since they cause lines and bumps.


Boyshorts are similar to men’s briefs, with low leg openings and either low-rise or high-rise. Typically, boyshorts also have full coverage in the back.

Brazilian Thongs

Brazilian thongs have the least coverage; they are extremely thin at the back and low-cut at the front. A thin ribbon connects the front and back.


Briefs are the most traditional, comfortable type of underwear. High-waisted briefs cover a lot of skin and can go past your belly, making them extremely comfortable.

Control Brief

Typically, control briefs cover the navel and can even go up to the bra. Control briefs mix regular panties and girdles and can create an hourglass illusion.


G-string is a type of thong that’s larger at the front but smaller at the rear and is connected by a thin band, leaving the butt completely exposed.

High-Waist Panties

Comfort and security are what make high-waist panties special. High-waist panties cover the whole belly, making them perfect for abdominal problems.

Scoop Bikini

A scoop bikini is a mix between bikinis and briefs; it covers more than traditional bikinis but less than briefs. Most scoop bikinis don’t cover the navel.


Thongs show more skin than other types of underwear, leaving parts of the butts exposed. Often, thongs have some side coverage and zero backside coverage.

The Right Underwear

Understanding your body is the first step to owning the best underwear collection. Knowing your body type makes your quest for the best fit easier. You can now confidently shop for the perfect underwear.

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