Top 10 Ways to Spend Your Weekend

There is a number of ways that you can spend your weekend. People have different preferences based on their own personality and history, and sometimes that’s enough. However, sometimes you’ll want a bit of a hint as to where else you should look to expand your repertoire. This can help you to branch out, trying things that you’ve never done before, while also letting you spend your time in a more varied and interesting way, preventing your free time from becoming stale and keeping it a time you can look forward to.

Gaming is incredibly popular, now more than ever, to the point of rivaling the movie and music industries in terms of size. However, if you’re outside the curve, where can you begin? Well, this depends on your own preferences. Without a gaming console, you might find that your best bet is to rely on your smartphone, which can provide anything you see on the app store, or online casinos, such as Lucky Nugget.


If the outside world is something that you’re craving, hiking can provide you with a way to explore rugged sights that might not otherwise be available to you in a vehicle – all the while providing you with a means to get some exercise into your schedule that you might be craving after a long work week.
Seeing Your Friends

It might be that you don’t want to spend this time by yourself, and seeing your friends can provide you with the level of relaxation that you’re after. Even now, your options are hugely varied, from staying in, going to the cinema, or even having some drinks if you’re feeling in the party mood.
Going for a Bike Ride

This is similar to hiking, but you might find that it provides you with a more exciting way to see these same locales. Helping you to cover more ground in a shorter span of time while still getting in the same level of exercise you’re aiming for.

Movie Marathon

Life is busy, and you might find that your list of movies that you’ve been meaning to watch has been gradually expanding over time as you’ve failed to knock any of them off the list. Now is your chance to tackle that, crossing several items off your agenda.


Not a popular option by any means, but the weekend is a great opportunity to get your house into shape. This is an activity that can be made a whole lot more fun with the addition of music, but a clean home is one that you might find yourself much more comfortable in.


Sometimes the best way to lift your spirits is through a classic spot of retail therapy. It feels good to buy something just because you feel as though you deserve it or want to treat yourself. So much of your money might feel like it goes towards practical things that this can help you regain mental control of your finances.

Plan Future Events

The weekend itself might not provide you with the kind of time that you need to have a holiday, but it provides you with more than enough time to plan one. Contact your friends, find a place, organize a time, and pencil in something that you can look forward to.


Maybe the stress of your everyday life is preventing you from enjoying this weekend in the way that you would like. If this is the case, you might find that the best way to make use of this time is to start practicing a method of providing yourself with solace from this stress. Meditation can do this, and you can get started for free through online video tutorials.

Bake Something

When you think of treating yourself, it’s easy to think of going out to buy something that you might enjoy. However, if you’re susceptible to the post-purchase guilt that can come with these decisions, you might find that baking yourself a treat is a more rewarding process that provides you with an equally delightful treat but without the potential guilt.

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