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Vapes Have Taken the World by Storm, and Here’s Why

In recent years, the vaping industry has seen an unprecedented surge, garnering attention from all corners of the globe. A combination of factors – technological innovation, targeted marketing, public perception of reduced harm compared to traditional tobacco products, and social trends – have all coalesced to make vapes a phenomenon of the 21st century. This …

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Setting up a Vape Shop: All You Need to Know

Setting up a vape shop in this ever-evolving industry is no easy feat. The possibilities are endless when first starting to craft your vape shop, and there’s so much you need to know before taking the plunge of entering such an exciting field. From finding the right supplies and creating the perfect atmosphere for customers …

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How To Choose The Right Vaporizer For Your Needs

Vapes and vaporizers have recently taken the world by storm and for good reason too! Today, it’s hard to leave the house without seeing someone use one of these brightly colored vapor makers. Whether you’re looking for a healthier way to get your fix or to quit smoking altogether, vapes and vaporizers are the way …

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The Rocket Grinder | An All-In-One MJ Grinder


When it comes to preparing Marijuana for edibles, smoking or vaping, a grinder is a necessity; it allows for decent smoking, or vaporization, since it allows your herb to burn evenly. However, when it comes to the world of grinders, we have never seen something like this. The Rocket Grinder is a multi-functional grinder and …

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