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Dainese HF D1 Leather Jacket


There is one thing that any seasoned motorcyclist will tell you in regards to safety, get leather! Leather is used in racing suits, and, in the event of a fall, it won’t wear through. In other words, leather is the difference between picking up a few bruises, and grazing swaths of skin off. So, if …

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Iron & Resin | Exclusive Shop On Huckberry


Iron And Resin teamed up with Huckberry for an exclusive offer. We’re talking about an update to the Rambler Jacket, created just for this partnership. For those of you who are not familiar with Iron And Resin, they are an awesome clothing company from California. They follow a “one-off” culture and carefully hand craft each item they produce. …

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The VPD 2.0 is a motorcycle jacket made by POC. These jackets are a lot different from the traditional garments due to the fact that protection is imperative here, so they are much sturdier. However, harder build usually means that comfort or mobility need to suffer. Well, not with the Spine VPD 2.0. While providing …

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