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Leatherman Tread Bracelet | A Wearable Multi-Tool


If there is one thing that every man should own, apart from a smoker and a straight razor, it’s a toolkit. However, obviously you cannot carry a toolkit wherever you go, or perhaps you can. The master of multi-tools has brought out The Leatherman Tread Bracelet, one of their coolest multi-tools yet and how they did …

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Leatherman’s Signal Multi-tool Comes With A 25-Year Guarantee


Multi-tools are here for quite some time, but thus far, most of them were created for people’s needs at home. But what about the wild, and the folks who love to explore the wilderness? Campers, mountaineers and other adventurous people out there? Well, Leatherman has produced Signal, the perfect survival multi-tool that will fulfill every …

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You want your job done! And you want it fast! With Leatherman MUT EOD Multi-Tool you’ll have things done easier, faster and better than ever! You may object that there are many similar products on the market, but we are here to instruct you why this particular multi toll should always be your first choice. First …

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