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Aerovironment RS EV Charger


Even though this charger is powerful, the first feature that really jumped at us was the fact that it’s guaranteed to be reliable. Aerovironment has been instrumental in the automotive industry for over 20 years by assisting manufacturers in designing and testing battery systems. With names such as Mitsubishi, Nissan, Fiat, Kia, Ford, Volvo and …

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Prong Power Case With Integrated Wall Plug


There’s a cool thing for those that can’t live without their phone or hate running low on battery. Prong Power Case will provide additional power to your iPhone and keep it protected at the same time. Prong Power Case has many useful features. Firstly, the battery can be plugged into a power outlet with or without …

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10 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations On The Market Today

from $499|

Finally we are seeing a massive rise in electric vehicles; apart from the almost household name Tesla Motors, we also posted earlier about the FFZERO1 concept car by Faraday Future that just goes to show that electric can be just as powerful and fun as any gasoline consuming car. They are better for the environment, …

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Power strips are just plain ugly, impractical, always in your way, and even considered a safety hazard. There is a type of power strip that is completely different to the standard norm, and much more elegant. It is called Powerqube. This is an electrical power-charging system that allows users to charge up to nine devices …

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