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The first thing you’ll notice about Hult Design’s Pavilion Speaker is how sleek and modern it looks. It’s no wonder they consider it a piece of art. Of course, this speaker wouldn’t be so popular if it weren’t for its superior sound. Don’t you just love it when a device has both the looks and the performance?

To create Pavilion Speaker, designers found inspiration in modern architecture. They explored the work of famous architects and searched for the best modern materials and designs. The materials used in production of the Pavilion Speaker aren’t what you call typical. For example, the base is made using high-density concrete and top is handcrafted using North American oak.

Black Pavilion Speaker

Some materials that make Pavilion Speaker are high-density concrete, wood and a copper pipe.

The spiral copper pipe not only looks cool but is there to boost the bass frequencies. As for the sound, it’s produced by 20W full-range Peerless transducer. Pavilion Speaker uses Bluetooth connection to wirelessly connect to your smartphone, tablet or PC. With touch controls, you basically just have to touch the wooden surface to connect to a device, play or adjust the volume. On the back of the speaker, there’s the power button, Aux port for pairing it with devices and an AC adapter for charging.

Two White Pavilion Speakers

Pavilion Speaker feature a 20W full-range Peerless transducer and Bluetooth connectivity.

The Wooden Surface Of Pavilion Speaker

The oak surface works like a touch control for connecting the speaker to a device, playing music and adjusting the volume.

Pavilion Speaker weighs 3.3lbs and its dimensions are 10.22 x 3.95 inches. You can get it in two colors- black and white. It will start shipping at fall 2016. watch video below

See this promotional video that presents Pavilion Speaker. 

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