How New Technologies Have Changed the Live Casino

Live gambling is a perfect alternative to visiting a land-based casino for thousands of players. It offers a similar experience with fewer expenses and no long trips. New technologies have made live casino play even more appealing by further blurring the line between real money play via live streaming and visiting a mortar-and-brick venue. Here’s how they affected this gambling niche.

Immersing Live Streams

When Playtech launched the first-ever live casino, the quality of live streams was mediocre compared to modern-day standards. It resembled calling a friend via Skype or other messengers regarding the quality of video and interaction.

Things changed when live dealer providers started offering a multi-angle view of the game table from several high-definition cameras. Players could now clearly see all the croupier moves and discern the small details of the gaming process.

The next step was to make live streams smart. Game studious achieved it by using special software that follows the moves of the dealer and automatically focuses cameras on the most important part of the gaming table at the current moment. This technology adds interactivity to live gambling and helps players not to miss the key details of the real money play.

VR Technologies

One of the best ways to utilize virtual reality technology in gambling is to apply it to live casinos. It’s a completely new level of real money play that breaks the line between visiting a land-based casino venue and using an Internet website to gamble at home. The gambling experience is almost the same.

Virtual reality changes the way you play online casino games with real dealers. When you wear a VR headset, it seems that you’re physically in the room with a croupier. Virtual reality also changes the way you see the gaming table, providing a perfect view from any angle.

Mobile Play

Live gambling was initially available only on computers. Now you can play on mobile as well due to the significant evolution of smartphones during the last decade. It gives you the following benefits:

• live gambling in any location with a good Internet connection;
• handy mobile casino interface with intuitive controls;
• a more convenient way of betting and chatting with the dealer;
• easy and fast mobile payments for live gambling.

Live Streaming from Land-Based Casinos

Software providers usually have special facilities with live dealer tables where the whole game action takes place. It’s not a gaming hall, but a special studio with all the appropriate equipment. Such an approach guarantees the best video quality but lacks a social part. Understanding this, some land-based casinos started to offer live streams from real tables with human visitors in play. Such a mix allows players who gamble via the Internet to feel more engaged in the gaming process.


Live gambling is available to players for about 20 years. Due to modern technologies, you can compete with real dealers on all popular platforms and even in VR. The best live casinos offer live streams with a multi-angle view of the table and cameras following the game’s action.

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