5 Activities To Get You Outdoors When On A Vacation

Are you someone who is physically very active in your daily life? Well, then you are no less than an idol for many. People are often overtaken by stress at work, busy work schedule, and monotonous lives. No wonder many of us find refuge in physical activities to keep ourselves intact.

Being physically active has tremendous health benefits. One, you are charged for the day. Two, you move around, which, I must say, has become rare due to our sedentary lifestyle. Third, you are able to keep stress at bay. When you are physically active, you are happy throughout the day. Your mind is clear and you are able to handle problems in a better manner.

Now, while some of us go to the gym every day, some stay active by dancing, running, or playing a sport. Some even like to take up outdoor activities on weekends. But what about when you are travelling? Now, you may say that travelling itself involves being physically active, but this little amount of physical activity is not enough to satisfy the outdoor enthusiasts. So, we have come up with some activities that you can indulge in, even while travelling. Here we go!

Hiking & Trekking

Hiking is a long and vigorous walk on beautiful trails of mountains or natural environments. If you are fond of travelling to cities close to mountains, you will always find such trails. There are often treks and tours available for popular peaks and hills.

If you are a beginner, it is advisable to plan short hikes, which you can cover in half a day or a full day at the maximum. You may also want to consider hiring a guide for these hikes. Though the real fun is in going by yourself and letting loose the wanderer in you. Oh yes, make sure you have all the hiking gear and that you wear the right footwear for the hike. Tactical boots or military boots are a good option to consider.


Camping is an ideal way to take a break from civilisation and go into the wilderness. Being close to nature makes you get some fresh air which in turn soothes your mind and relaxes your body. Your mind is cleared and your soul is healed. After a night in the jungle, close to nature, you are ready to take on life again. And often, for reaching the camp site, you are required to take a short hike. So that’s hitting two targets with one arrow. Make sure you pack all camping essentials so that your fun is not spoiled.


Though, some cycle daily to keep themselves fit, some like to indulge in uphill or downhill biking for an adrenaline rush. But those of you who don’t cycle that often, cycling is one activity that can make you get outdoors for some physical activity when you are travelling.

You can always look up the internet for cycling tours available in your city, or rent a bike and go cycling yourself. You can take natural trails into the forests, away from the hustle bustle of the city. Cycling is a perfect way to unwind and sink in the calmness of nature.


Now, running is something you absolutely don’t need any gear to get started with. Just the right footwear and clothing (maybe). You can always get out for a quick run in the morning which, I must say, not only helps you get some fresh air but also helps you explore the city on foot while everyone is fast asleep. Running is undoubtedly my favourite go-to option for an outdoor activity while on a vacation.


If you are very fond of swimming and find it difficult to take out time in your daily life to go swimming, then this is your opportunity. Always look for hotels that have a swimming pool, and you can then get into the pool at a time that is convenient for you. Just don’t forget to pack a swimsuit with you!

All the fitness enthusiasts out there, this is how you can indulge in outdoor activities even while travelling. No more excuses!

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