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6 Reasons Why Becoming A Pescetarian Is Healthy

Pescetarianism, along with vegetarianism and veganism, has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent times. The benefits of this are vast, and the impact that these individual changes are making, are, frankly, astounding. For those of you that do not know, pescetarianism is a branch of vegetarianism that still allows you to eat seafood. This has a variety of benefits, not only for yourself, but the planet as well. Essentially, Pescetarians completely cut red …

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Fish Cat 4 | LCS Float Tube


Let’s face it, fishing is awesome, but boats are expensive. However, boats give you a variety of benefits. For instance, greater casting distance, comfort, and you have the ability to catch the big ones in the middle of the lake. Thankfully for us prospecting fishermen, there is a smaller, cheaper alternative. Introducing the Fish Cat 4. Designed for still-water fishing on lakes, ponds, and reservoirs, the Fish Cat 4 will have you casting in style. …

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CrewSeekers Allows You To Gain Or Join A Sailing Crew

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Let’s face it, being out on the open ocean has a liberation that is difficult to describe. For many, it is the epitome of freedom; the cool ocean breeze flowing through your hair, the excitement of exploring uncharted waters, the satisfaction of being out in the sun. Well, if you feel that you need a change of life, or if you have a boat and need a crew, then CrewSeekers is exactly what you need. …

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Warby Parker Bennett Sunglasses


Getting a quality pair of sunglasses can cost you a lot of money. This is exactly what Warby Parker thought when they started their company. The idea was to create an alternative to super expensive eyewear that will still provide you style, functionality, and craftsmanship. Today, we’re talking about the Warby Parker Bennett Sunglasses that according to them are the pick of the season. They are a part of a new metal sunglasses collection as they are created …

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Nest Homeware | Cast Iron Cookware


Today, we’re talking about Nest Homeware, a small company from Rhode Island that makes quality and super useful cookware. Their products are made with respect to centuries of cooking since they all feature cast iron. What’s the same for all is that they are ready to use, have a smooth cooking surface and are lightweight. Of course, cast iron is super tough and durable, so you’ll have it for a lifetime. Let us start with Skillet. It measures 9 …

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Wood By William Hall


From the author of bestselling titles Concrete and Brick, William Hall, comes another book devoted to building materials. Wood focuses on timber construction and just like the previous two, it will inspire architects and builders for generations to come. Wood is one of the oldest building materials and this book in particular consists of 170 structures made in the last 1,000 years. The idea behind it is to explore the relationship between trees and architecture, inspire …

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Lab-Box | The First Multi-Format Daylight-Loading Film Develop Tank

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We all know that digital photography is amazing, but, just as vinyls are to CD’s, analog is to digital. There is just a quality that can be captured with analog cameras that can’t be found in digital cameras. However, one major hassle is developing analog films. Thanks to an amazing project, that is no longer the case! Introducing the Lab-Box! Pre-order from Kickstarter here. The Lab-Box is the world’s first multi-format film developing tank that …

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Fallout 4 Nuka Cola Mini Refrigerator


We can all agree that the Fallout Series is one of the of the best post-apocalyptic game series’ ever made. Between shooting bandits, to hiding from Deathclaws, there is one thing that ever Fallout character needs; Sustenance, and where better to get it, and score bottle caps, than from Nuka Cola machines? Luckily for us, we can now own our very own Fallout 4 Nuka Cola Mini Refrigerator! A ThinkGeek creation and exclusive item, the …

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Dollar Shave Club Bathroom Favorites And Shave Set


Today, with Dollar Shave Club products, we’ll get pretty much all of your grooming needs covered. With their items, you’ll look and smell fantastic without spending a lot of money. We’re introducing two sets – Bathroom Favorites and a Shave Set. Let us start with the first one. Dollar Shave Club Bathroom Favorites contains four items – 6 oz of Dr. Carver’s easy shave butter, 2 oz of Big Cloud daily face moisturizer, 2 oz of Boogie’s casual hair …

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5 Warby Parker Sunglasses | Affordable And Quality Shades


Warby Parker was founded as an alternative to expensive sunglasses and eyewear. The idea was to offer them at a reasonable price so that everyone who has a problem with the lack of sight can afford a pair. All sunglasses come with free shipping and a free 30-day return policy. Today, we chose 5 models that are worth checking out. 1 – Bennett Warby Parker considers this model as their pick of the season. The stunning Bennett Sunglasses are …

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