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Valley Of The Gods: A Silicon Valley Story


We all know that Silicon Valley is where all the technological magic of the world takes place. It is from there that we are getting advances in all areas of science via technology. However, what’s it really like in Silicon Valley? Alexandra Wolfe, a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, allows us an inside look. With her first book, Valley of The Gods: A Silicon Valley Story, we can actually experience what it is like. Valley …

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Share: Delicious And Surprising Recipes To Pass Around Your Table


Recipe books are always an inspiration, whether you enjoy cooking or simply tasting delicious food. There’s a new one that will question those boring meals we have almost every day. It’s called Share: Delicious And Surprising Recipes To Pass Around Your Table and the title is pretty much self-explanatory. The book is written by Chris Santos, the chef and owner of Beauty & Essex, Stanton Social, and Vandal. He was also the judge of Chopped, a cooking television show. In …

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Pullup & Dip | Portable Pullup And Dip Bar


We all know the benefits of regular exercise; it keeps you healthy, it makes you look good, and it improves your self-confidence. If you were looking for an excellent home exercise solution that cannot only be used indoors, but outdoors as well, then the Pullup & Dip Portable Pull Up Bar is exactly what you need. Not only is the Pullup & Dip portable, but it’s also the perfect solution for Calisthenics and Freeletics athletes. …

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Outdoor Voices | Technical Recreation Apparel


If you’re looking for technical apparel for all sorts of recreation, we recommend you take a look at Outdoor Voices. Their clothing items are made for the active lifestyle and are suitable for a variety of situations, whether you’re going to the gym, walking your dog or simply looking for something cozy to wear around the house. Today, we’re talking about their new arrivals on Huckberry. The first new must have item from Outdoor Voices is the New …

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Mahabis Luxe Slippers


We recently wrote about the super comfy wool Mahabis slippers, perfect for lounging around the house. These quality slip on’s come in several models, so besides the classic model that you might be familiar with, we introduce you to the Mahabis Luxe Slippers. The main feature of all Mahabis slippers- the detachable sole, is still there. It allows you to use them outdoors since it will make the slipper almost like a sneaker. This is great for getting the paper …

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Sony PSHX500 Hi-Res USB Turntable


Every music lover knows that the best quality of sound can be found in a turntable and vinyl records. There’s just a level of clarity that can’t be found anywhere else. However, that being said, there is always a chance that your vinyls will wear down and become unplayable. To combat this problem, we introduce the Sony Hi-Res USB Turntable. Designed to let you enjoy the smooth, warm and expressive sounds of your vinyls, the …

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Lovely Beards | 100% Organic Beard Oils And Balms


Here at jebiga, we often talk about how important it is to take good care of your beard, especially now that we face cold weather. Every man, no matter if he’s just starting to grow a beard or already has one, should pay attention to it and take care of it. Luckily, Lovely Beards Oils And Balms are there to help you maintain a well-groomed look. First of all, using a beard oil has several …

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Overview | A New Perspective Of Earth


In 2013, a man with the name of Benjamin Grant started an Instagram account called the Daily Overview. Essentially, the Daily Overview has given us a unique and, frankly, breathtaking aerial photos of planet Earth; it has also seen a massive rise in popularity. Now, Grant has taken it further and brought us Overview: A New Perspective of Earth. Essentially, this book is inspired by the “Overview Effect”; it’s a sensation and a cognitive shift in …

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Sudden Coffee | High Quality Instant Coffee


For those of you leading an active life, sitting down for a cup of coffee is sometimes just a dream. And as for the instant coffee options, we can all agree a lot of them are filled with sugar or simply don’t taste that good. There’s a new option available and we give it a warm recommendation- Sudden Coffee. First of all, Sudden Coffee contains 100% real coffee and the finest Biftu Gudina beans. The …

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National Geographic Infographics


Since 1888, at its first publication, National Geographic has been there to enlighten the masses to facts about our amazing world. Its original mission was to reveal the wonders of science, history, and culture all around the globe. They also understood that knowledge is power. Now, you can view some of their best infographics, from the past 128 years, in their latest hardcover. Introducing National Geographic Infographics. Essentially, this book contains the best infographics from …

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