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Zuli Smartplug is a smart device that provides real-time energy measurement of any device that’s plugged into it and allows you to control those devices using a smartphone app.

Zuli has a very simple and elegant design that’s built to last. It’s made from high-quality materials, insert molded prongs, double injected plastic. There’s a subtle LED logo at the front of it. Zuli Smartplug uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone and allow you to easily control the desired settings.

Zuli Smartplug And A Smartphone App

Zuli is a smart device that uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone and allow you to control other devices and save energy.

With Zuli Presence, any room that has a Smartplug will adapt to your personal lighting and temperature settings and turn it off when you leave the room. The longer you use the app, the system becomes more predictive. This device is rated at 1800W, so it’s compatible with pretty much everything in your home.

Zuli Inserted In A Wall Plug And Someone Passing Next To It

Zuli Presence is a system that tracks your movement in the house so when you walk into a room, Zuli will turn on your personal light and temperature settings and turn it off when you leave.

You can also use it to control the brightness of every light connected to a Zuli Smartplug. It’s a great option for setting the mood in the room without a hassle. It doesn’t only work for lamps but for any appliance connected to Zuli. All you have to do is open the app, tap on the appliance you want and easily turn on the tea kettle, turn off the light or set the temperature.

A Yellow Lamp Connected To Zuli Smartplug

With Zuli Smartplug you can control devices connected to it like lamps, tea kettles, coffee makers…

In any given time you can check the energy consumption and create schedules for lights and appliances. Zuli Smartplug is very convenient because it doesn’t just allow you to schedule your espresso machine but to do it while still in bed.

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Zuli Smartplug App Options

Zuli App is a great way to check energy consumption.

Check out this video to see Zuli Smartplug in action. 

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