Ahoy, mates! Before you set out on your next hiking or camping trip, make sure you check out this smart walking stick to add a dash of fun to your adventures: with Zubin Axe Complete Kit, Survival Staff, all your outdoor explorations become safer, easier and far more entertaining than you could ever dream. Sounds interesting? Let’s take a look at it.

At first glance, the new Axe from Georgia-based Zubin looks just like a regular hiking staff made of natural wood and fitted with a smart handle – but in fact, there’s far more to it than meets the eye. Designed to deliver ultimate versatility, safety and functionality on the go, Zubin Axe packs a handful of convenient high-quality extras to round off your multi-tool set for any given circumstance you may come across when braving the wild – and the modules are interchangeable so you can easily swap them on the go.

Zubin Axe survival staff complete kit

The Zubin Axe kit comprises a walking stick made from a stylish hickory wood handle and outfitted with a comfy ergonomic rubber grip and a two-bolt interchangeable head system compatible with several handy sharpenable attachments made from corrosion-resistant 440C stainless steel. The list of survival staff extras includes a compass, a single-point dual-edge spear head for hunting small to medium-sized game, a slingshot attachment for practicing your best huntsman target aiming skills on the go, a fishing spear with a dual-pronged barbed point for catching slippery critters like fish and frogs, a brush axe module with a dual-sided hatchet blade and a cover for chopping firewood and a saw blade fixture for cutting wood cleanly and with minimum effort. Now, that’s as versatile as a trekking pole can get, wouldn’t you agree?

Zubin Axe kit attachments

Zubin axe kit extensions

Zubin Axe survival staff attachments

The entire survival staff kit is available from Zubin or Amazon at $320 , but you can also decide to buy just the basic hiking stick and axe head configuration – or even purchase different accessory modules separately if you feel like it. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you don’t leave your home next time without the Zubin Axe multitool – when braving the big outdoors, a versatile walking stick like this one may well save your life and get you out of a survival emergency.

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Zubin Axe survival staff complete kit

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