In recent years, we have seen some pretty radical furniture designs which have left us stunned and amazed at their concept and sheer originality. The furniture that we are about to feature perfectly fits into that category. Chinese design company Bentu Design uses cement in ways that you have never thought possible and makes furniture that might look somewhat controversial, yet very striking. These are Zhi & Kou furnishings which shape reflects the two letters of the Chinese phonetic system known as Pinyin.

Each piece is made from cement, metal and a recycled waste mixture as a design representation of the two Chinese letters. The end result is a compact square with sloping edges that can be used in variety of situations – as a book shelf, side table or for general purpose storage. Additional stability is ensured by four legs which are attached to the squares with hex bolts and washers. The lacquered legs come in blue, red, black and yellow as a stark contrast to the material’s neutral colour.

Cement cubes in this series represent a Kou (口), while Zhi refers to a Kou with legs (只) which can serve as the foundation for a larger installation. Just like children’s toy bricks, you can arrange Zhi & Kou pieces in many different combinations, using your imagination while considering the available space in your home. [via]

Zhi & Kou Furniture made of cement

Zhi & Kou Furniture by Bentu Design

Side table made of cement

Furniture made of cement

Shelves made of cement

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