If you are growing your beard make sure you nurture it and keep it in good condition. Zeus beard shampoo will clean the densest facial hair and keep your beard soft, shiny and healthy. It is specially designed to preserve your beard’s oil and not to damage hair follicles. It is made from mild and natural ingredients, so you can use it daily even if you have sensitive skin. That way your beard can be shiny, soft and smell nice all the time.

A guy with beard on the balcony

Nurture your beard with Zeus shampoo and make it soft, healthy and shiny.

Zeus beard shampoo is made from dragon’s blood, chamomile and green tea. Dragon’s blood will reduce inflammation, calm the skin and help reduce acne. It is both anti-inflammatory and antibiotic. Chamomile will make sure your beard is clean and your skin is protected. Green tea is also great for inflammation and will help your skin with irritation of any kind.

Zeus Beard Entire Set

You can use Zeus Shampoo in combination with Zeus Conditioner, Oil and Brush.

Zeus Beard Shampoo has a Verbena Lime scent which is a mixture of floral and citrus scents. This shampoo will help you with beard dandruff and is mineral oil free and paraben free. You basically use this shampoo the same way you use your hair shampoo. Take a small amount, put it on your fingertips, massage into your face and beard and rinse. You can use it a few times a day, but make sure it doesn’t get in your eyes. After you are done, you can use Zeus Conditioner and Beard Oil to make your beard even softer and healthier.

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Check out this video and learn how to use Zeus Beard Shampoo.

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