Zerobody Anti-Gravity Bed


When you compare floating chambers with all types of memory foam mattresses and regular water beds, you realize just how awesome they are. The best thing is that we keep seeing new floating beds being developed. Nevertheless, there’s still nothing like Zerobody, a sensory deprivation float tank that allows you to float on it but not get wet.

Zerobody is created as a collaboration between Italian designer Christiano Minobrain wellness research company Neocogita and spa brand Starpool. The goal for them was to make something that can relax you completely. This floating bed will make you feel just like you’re suspended in air, which will amplify the effect of the meditation.

A Guy In Zerobody Anti-Gravity Bed

Zerobody makes you feel just like you’re on the clouds and helps you relax.

Probably the best thing about Zerobody is that you get all the benefits of floating but don’t have to get wet. It can be heated and for the best effect, it’s designed to go along with Nu Relax App. What it does is offers 6 audio guided sessions for meditation. The app is based on a neuroscientific approach for making you relaxed, calm, stable and to improve vibrancy, creativity and lucidity.

All the info on the price and shipping is yet to be announced.

Zerobody Anti-Gravity Bed And A Player Next To It

For the best effect of meditation, Zerobody is paired with Nu Relax app.

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