Zero S | 2017 Electric Motorcycle


As we become more aware of the impact that fossil fuel has on our environment, we are looking more to alternative modes of transportation. One of those alternative transportation solutions come from a leading-edge designer of electrical vehicles. Needless to say, we are very proud to introduce the 2017 Zero S Electric Motorcycle by Zero Motorcycles.

The general consensus has always been that electric vehicles could never stand up to their gasoline counterparts, but that is no longer the case. Firstly, with the rise of Tesla that showed us that super cars could be electric; and now, Zero Motorcycles, that’s showing us that electric motorcycles can exceed gasoline motorcycles.

Zero S motorcycle being ridden by a man

The Zero S has a battery pack that can give you up to 202 miles of range per charge. The battery also has a lifetime range of over 300,000 miles.

The latest model by Zero, the 2017 Zero S, is nothing short of amazing. This bike features a 775-amp output controller and high temperature motor magnets. The result of this combination is an astounding 81 foot-pounds of torque. The Zero S can also reach a top speed of 98 mph. Check out the video below.

Zero S motorcycle being ridden by a man

This motorcycle has a top speed of up to 98 miles per hour.

To make this motorcycle even more impressive, it features the latest in power cell technology. That technology is found in the ZF13.0 power pack that has a range of up to 202 miles on a single charge (if combined with the power tank); and a life time range of 300,000 miles and more.

Zero S motorcycle being ridden by a man

This bike also features Pirelli tires along with Bosch ABS Brakes. You can also expect a Showa Suspension that ensures a smooth ride.

Besides its performance features, this bike features Bosch ABS disc brakes, a phenomenally well-designed dash, Pirelli tires and a variety of other features that truly makes it an amazing electric bike. You can also purchase the more advanced Zero SR model from them.

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