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With living sustainably, a major project for us all, we call to innovation and technology to pull us up from the depths. Thanks to some brilliant ideas, and the motivation to bring those projects to life, we have the chance, with technology, to change the world. Introducing the Zera Food Recycler!

We can all agree that it is a complete waste to throw away 400 pounds of food scraps a year. Zera, unveiled at CES 2017, is the novel solution to that problem.

Zera Food Recycler with all of its components

The Zera system uses little boxes of additive that contain coir and baking soda. This helps to break down the food scraps.

Zera is a comprehensive system that allows you to turn all of your food scraps into ready-to-use fertilizer in 24 hours. Besides working much like a bin, it is super easy to use. All you do is add the Zera additive, add all of your food scraps and you’re ready to go! The Zera Additive is a mix of coir (made out of coconut husk) and baking soda to help breakdown the food. The Zera can also hold approximately 3.5kg of food scraps (approximately a week for an average household). When full, simply make your own fertilizer with the push of a button. Check out the video below.

View of someone putting an apple core in the Zera Food Recycler. Also, the recycle material, and somebody using it on plants.

It’s as simple as putting food in, switching it on, and in 24 hours you have nutrient rich fertilizer at your disposal. You can also activate it from your mobile via the Zera App.

Furthermore, Zera is an impressive piece of technology. It will enhance your lawn, or garden, in a variety of ways. Zera also requires minimal maintenance, and it recycles almost all food types – including meat and dairy. It was also designed to fit into your kitchen seamlessly with a stylish clean look. Not at home to turn it on? No problem, you can control the Zera completely from your mobile phone with the Zera app.

At the moment, the Zera Food Recycler is being funded on Indiegogo. So, head over there and get yourself and Early Bird package now!

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