Have you always wondered what the world would look like if watched through the VR (virtual reality) lenses? What would change, and what limits would there be? Would there be any limits at all? We are here to answer your questions, with new and innovative device, made exclusively for those of you with unobstructed imagination. Zeiss VR One Headset is here to make your reality tumble.

A company that brought us one of the best optics in the world now presents a new product that will blow your mind.  With display size between 4.7 and 5.2 inches, this device can support most smartphones, it offers a translucent front view for augmented reality apps and it has USB ports that allow access to charger and headphones. It also has slide-through removable tray and ventilation openings for better airflow.

Zeiss VR One headset

Zeiss VR One Headset is the first VR created, that works on the smartphone app basis. This innovation lets you control what you see, engage and create images that will spin your senses. Augment other people’s faces, relive the cinema moments from a different perspective – all possible with this new futuristic device. Just imagine how far gaming will go; probably beyond anything you’ve ever imagined.

Smartphone integration with the Zeiss VR One

You can still be cool, and wear your own sunglasses, while wearing this device. Fun is guaranteed, and it comes at a very cheap price, no more than $99.99. By purchasing this device, you will have loads of fun, but you will also help the company develop more and even better VR-based devices. [via]

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Zeiss VR One look from inside

Zeiss VR One headset

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