Things have definitely changed since the days of Thrashin’. Now there are electric skateboards and ZBoard Pro is one of them. It senses your weight and as you lean forward, it goes, as you lean back it stops.

As all electrical “appliances” it has to be charged from time to time. For that purpose you get 110v – 220v Charger (Will work for both domestic and international customers). Charge time is 5-6 hours.

A guy carrying ZBoard

As for the thing that interests you the most, speed, well it depends on some factors. With regular, premium 110m smooth rubber wheels you can go up to 17 MPH and your range (amount of riding before you need to recharge) is up to 10 miles. However if you upgrade with Urethane wheels, by reducing rolling resistance and optimizing gearing, you can increase speed by 3 MPH and range by 30%. This would cost you $129.

riding ZBoard

The deck is 6 ply, made in USA with Canadian maple. If you want to, you can get LED headlights and tail lights, which will enable you to see better and be seen easier. You control them with a toggle switch on the front truck. Nice addition if you plan on riding at night. The price of that would be $75. The weight of ZBoard is 25 lbs, so it’s easy to handle.

Get it from Amazon here

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