If you can do some stunning board tricks and you just love your skate gear, you will probably want to proudly display your wheels and deck at home as well. Still, unlike bike lovers, most skaters don’t have a whole lot of ready-made wall rack options so finding a convenient and suave stand for your beloved four-wheeler is neither easy nor cheap. Well, that’s about to change with Wall Ride fresh on offer: functional, handsome and versatile, this cool wall-mounted rack lets you show off your skateboard without getting your walls dirty, your rooms messy or your floors cluttered.

Created by Italy-Brazil designer duo Zanocchi & Starke, Wall Ride is made from laser-cut metal powder-coated in either white, black or orange. The cool rack attaches to the wall with the help of three hooks and two shelves, which means you can hang it literally anywhere you like. With Wall Ride, your walls will be 100% safe from scratches at all times and will never pick up dirt and grime from your wheels as the board slides into the side slot of the minimalist two-level rack with wheels up in the air, away from delicate wall paint or wallpapers.

Zanocchi Starke Wall Ride shelf

Thanks to this innovative board placement, the deck graphics will always be in plain sight of your guests and family as a one-off work of art, and in addition to your beloved skate or longboard gear, your new rack will be able to hold some everyday bits and ends like keys, cells, headphones, books, wallets, watches and the like. And if that’s not enough of functionality for your exquisite taste and needs, then this piece of info will certainly cheer you up: the slot designed to hold the board also functions as a convenient bottle opener so you will always have a simple way to down that refreshing bottle of beer even if you manage to misplace your cap remover somewhere in the house.

Trendy, practical and simple to mount, Wall Ride is just about everything you need to show off your skateboard in its best light at home. Out in the open, you’ll still need those mean tricks and stunts, but at home, Zanocchi & Starke’s rack will suffice.

Zanocchi Starke Wall Ride

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