The Z | The World’s Most Ultimate Gaming Mouse


When it comes to gaming, it seems that there will always be a raging battle between PC and consoles. However, any gamer can tell you with unprecedented confidence that when it comes to playing shooter type games, the mouse is the ultimate gaming tool since it allows you to fine tune your aim. Luckily for us, some great minds went and invented The Z, and it is without a doubt, the world’s most ultimate gaming mouse.

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

Packed with a gyroscope, accelerometer, an OLED display and 50 buttons, The Z has the ability to make you go from noob to pro in no time.

Tilt function of The Z gaming mouse

The Z is the first mouse to feature tilt, pivot and roll functions that can be customized for leaning, reloading or a variety of different actions.

The Z is the first mouse ever to feature pivot, tilt and roll functions that can be customized for flying, aiming, shooting etc. The 50 different buttons are also extremely easy to use and feature ‘normal click’, ‘deep click’ and ‘deeper click’ with tactile feedback that lets you know at what click you are. These specific functions can be customized as well, for instance, ‘scope’, ‘zoom’ and ‘hold breath’. The tilt function also allows you to completely lock it out, or, if need be, you can add additional tilt feet to make your tilt harder or softer. Check out the awesome intro video below.

The Z being used on a flight sim while in the air

The Z also knows when it’s in the air and when it’s on the table which allows you an unprecedented edge while using flight simulators.

The Z also knows when it’s in the air and can be comfortably used for flight with the addition of the 3-Axis extender that allows you wrist to be on the desk and the mouse in the air. Even though the Z offers a phenomenal 50 totally customizable buttons, you can also add triggers.

Features of The Z

A few of the multitude of features that The Z has to offer.

The Z isn’t just for gamers though and is definitely the perfect tool for Power users, Photoshop users and, quite possibly, every PC user in the world. Currently The Z is being featured on a Kickstarter campaign, so you should definitely go and get your early bird special as well as check out all the features that this mouse has to offer.

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

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