Do you like to follow trends and be the first to posses the latest and most modern phones and gadgets? If you are, get ready for a new, innovative and revolutionary phone whose design and performances will blow your mind. We are talking about the new YotaPhone 2, which is special because it has two screens and electronic paperdisplay features of a regular smartphone, but it offers so much more.

Its special IPD interactive screen is always on and it consumes far less energy than conventional screens and doesn’t harm your eyesight while you are using the phone. It  provides constant access to key information and it is fully interactive for writing, social networks and much more. The other screen is automatically switched off when your battery is extremely low to save energy but you can easily switch it on if you need to. You don’t have to charge the 2500 mAh battery for days and if you are really not in the position to recharge it a snapshot of vital information can be saved infinitely on the other screen. It will be a relief and a source of great joy for phone users to know that the battery of this amazing phone can last up to 5 days.

Yotaphone 2 reader and smartphone

The Yotaphone 2 smartphone improves ordinary things such as reading and offers you a personal library reading experience of e-books that lasts for about 100 hours, which is more than a week of active reading. You have the possibility to look up a word, translate it or share a quote. Electronic paperdisplay banishes sun glare and gives you a wide viewing angle that assures exceptional readability.

You can set a personalized cover on your other screen which anyone can see. It can be a picture or even a slideshow. So in a way your YotaPhone 2 can become an extension of your personality.

You can own this amazing wonder of technology for only £555! [via] watch video below

Yotaphone 2

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