The latest gadgets to get on the eco-friendly waggon are speakers. Yes, speakers can be environmentally friendly, believe it or not. Just look at Yorkie SE Speakers, designed by Jerry Cmehil and Vinnie Rossi (of Red Wine Audio) for Well Rounded Sound Inc. These popular speakers are made from either Carbonized Bamboo or American Walnut, and they are finished in pure New Zealand Wool Felt which serves as a dampening medium.

The enclosure of Yorkie SE Speakers is made entirely from recycable composite materials. Also, the wood used for these speakers has a very low VOC (volatile organic compound) content.

Red Yorkie SE Speakers

But the green component of Yorkies SE is not their best feature. Yorkie SE is an updated and improved version of the original Yorkie speakers, and these new speakers now incorporate an advanced Full Range Driver in order to give you the most detailed sound reproduction and acoustical properties possible. They also provide ultra-fidelity peformance, probably one of the best among the speakers in the desktop segment.

Now, for the technical features – Yorkie SE’s impedance is 8 ohms, while the speakers’ frequency ranges from 100 to 21,000 Hz. Power handling range is between 15 watts RMS and 30 watts maximum, while their overall dimensions are: length 5 inches / height 5.5 inches. The recommended subwoofer, should you choose to use one, is WRS Woof 1 and WRS Woof 3.

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Yorkie SE Speakers

Fabric of the Yorkie SE Speakers

Cables of the Yorkie SE Speakers

Eco-friendly Yorkie SE Speakers

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