The arrival of the camping season is something that most of you are probably quite happy about. We have already seen a lot of good and useful gear for you campers but we have something absolutely astounding to show you. The Yirego Drumi Off Grid Washer allows you to wash you clothes while camping and it does so without electricity. The washer itself is about 22″ tall and looks like a futuristic cooker. This washer is capable of holding 5L of water which allows you to wash up to 7 pieces of clothing. As long as you are able to work the pedal to get the drum of the washer to spin, you will have clean clothes even when you are very far away from home.

Yirego Drumi Off Grid Washer design

The Yirego Drumi Off Grid Washer features a futuristic design

The washer is also equipped with a detergent tray which can hold up to three different types of detergent. After you are done peddling, simply press the button at the top of the washer and the water release valve will open in order for the dirty water can be removed. Work the pedal some more to wring out the water remaining in your clothes and it will be ready to get dried. A pretty straightforward process. Of course, if you are not that into camping and outdoor adventuring, don’t think that this piece of equipment is useless to you. The Drumi Off Grid Washer is perfect for a number of different situations. In case a total blackout ever happens, you will be very pleased to have one in your home so you can keep your clothes clean.

Drumi washing drum

The drum was added to increase washing performance

The Yirego Drumi Off Grid Washer’s frame has a double reinforcement so you can rest assured that there will be no cracks in it and accidental leaks. Designed with durability and convenience in mind this washer measures 15″ x 15x 22” and can be easily moved around. The developers have even thought about making the pedal easy to work by making it textured and the area around it quite spacious so you can use it both with and without shoes.

Drumi features

This off grid washer is made with durability and convenience in mind

Those of you who are interested in this amazing washer can pre-order it on the Yirego website for a promotional price of $107 and can expect the delivery to be made in July 2015. The promotional price will last up to June 29th after which it will get bumped up at $140.

Check out the Yirego Drumi Off Grid Washer in action.

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