Yeti Brick Bottle Opener


Yeti constantly tries to make your beer drinking experience better. They have great coolers to keep the beer ice cold. Now, there’s one more thing for beer lovers- Yeti Brick Bottle Opener.

Yeti suggests you think about it as a trophy bar accessory. Opposite to small, light and plastic beer openers, this one is quite heavy. It weighs ¾ lb because ‘1 lb would have been overkill’.

Yeti Brick Bottle Opener features a stainless design. As for the dimensions, it’s 5.25 inches long and 1 inch tall. It comes in a nice cardboard box that contains Yeti beer philosophy when you open it- ‘Happiness is a bottle of ice cold beer’. We wouldn’t disagree. You should know that this is a limited run, so if you like it, check out Yeti’s website for ordering.

Yeti Brick Bottle Opener On A Table

With ¾ lb and a stainless design, this is one tough bottle opener.

Yeti Brick Bottle Opener In A Box

‘Happiness is a bottle of ice cold beer.’

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