Need power and need it fast, wherever you may go? Then Goal Zero 22004 Yeti 150 is just the right product for you. A gas-free source of energy packed in a convenient box, Yeti 150 Solar Generator from Goal Zero will keep your gadgets running even when electricity runs out.

You can charge your Yeti 150 by means of solar energy by simply plugging it into a solar panel and placing it in the sunlight (which will take roughly 30-60 hours with the Nomad 27 panel), but you can also use separately sold chargers to refuel the generator from the wall (which takes some 6 hours) or your car using 12V port (full in about 8 hours). Once charged, Yeti 150 will juice up a series of devices such as laptops, tablets, lights, smartphones, cameras, e-readers, MP3 players and personal gaming devices.

Yeti solar generator

In addition to the built-in 80 Watts AC inverter and 12 Volts output, Yeti 150 solar generator also features a 2 Ampere USB outlet. Its lead acid battery promises capacity of 168 watt-hours (12V/14Ah), allowing for hundreds of recharge cycles.

Yeti 150 contains no fuses and features built-in charging/low-battery protection, and it allows for up to three months of shelf life. Thanks to its compact shape, 12 pounds of weight and a convenient pop-up handle, Yeti 150 is well-suited for easy transport so it will be a perfect mini powerhouse for you to take on your excursions, camping trips and other roaming ventures.

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Yeti 150 solar generator

Goal zero solar generator

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