When you have limited storage options, keeping your bicycle, lawnmowers, trimmers, pool equipment and other outdoor gear safe from the elements is not an easy task. One of the innovative outdoor storage solutions available for gear lovers suffering from storage space-related woes is the well-known Yardstash II, which won highest consumer ratings and claimed the peak on the list of the top-selling open-air shelters a while ago. Today, we bring to you the upgraded version of this smart gear shack – designed with ultimate versatility in mind, Yardstash III is all you’ll ever need when it comes to safe outdoor storage space.

Made from premium heavy duty materials to guarantee maximum content safety come rain or shine, Yardstash III features a durable UV-treated ripstop vinyl tarpaulin roof, an extra strong polyester body, fiberglass poles, taped seams and reinforced integrated floor, so you’ll never need to worry about whimsical weather conditions. Thanks to the large storm flapped zippers fitted with rubber pull tabs, the doors of this portable storage shed will remain tightly sealed all the time, no matter what, to make sure that your bike, gardening machines, sports equipment, spare car tires, firewood, tools and any other precious outdoor gear stashed inside stay completely safe from water, dust and pests. With its thick interior weatherproof coating, exterior UV 30+ protection and patented water and snow shedding design, Yardstash III is 100% weatherproof and it also has a front mesh vent to do away with condensation and excessive heat.

Yardstash III waterproof portable shed

To remove even the tiniest of your safety concerns, Yardstash III is equipped with a back velcro panel so you can lock your bike to a fence or pole in case you have no other storage option at hand. Built to keep your equipment organized, clean and always in shape, Yardstash III beats all other tents, gear shelters and storage solutions both by its superior building materials and its unique space saving design, as it can safely store two adult bikes and even leave some room to spare – and it can do all that in just one convenient portable shed measuring 74 x 30 x 65 inches. Like its predecessor Yardstash II, the new and improved version of the outdoor shack is dead simple to set up and disassemble whenever and wherever you need it – the assembly procedure takes under 15 minutes, even with no previous experience.

Measuring 23 x 7 x 7 inches and weighing as few as some 16 lbs in its non-assembled state, Yardstash III comes packed in a handy carrying bag for maximum portability. So, why wait when you can reclaim your living space tomorrow already? With lightweight, durable and versatile Yardstash III, you will get the most out of outdoor storage without having to compensate extra space for gear safety.

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Yardstash III

YARDSTASH III portable shed

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