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The latest project by Foster & Partners is their stunning Yacht Club situated in the wonderful city of Monte Carlo, the capital of the Principality of Monaco. With a size of 26,550 square metres, the club is not only spacious but beautiful and, as with all of Foster & Partners designs, exceptionally well designed for utmost functionality and at the same time dampen the effect that we have on the climate by using renewable energy in the forms of solar panels, sea water cooling systems and photovoltaic cells.

At ground level there are a variety of shops and public spaces that shows that Yacht Club de Monaco is a community project as well as one for members of the club. The scheme has a circular stairway that connects all the floors and on the first floor you will find an exclusive club room, swimming pool and bar restaurant. The second floor is comprised of double height executive offices and ‘cabins’ for guests who are staying for the night and the uppermost level is comprised of a terrace that gives a complete view of the grand prix inland or the yacht racing out into the beautiful sea.

As for Yacht Club de Monaco’s effect on climate, senior partner at Foster & Partners, Nigel Dancey, says, “With all of our projects, our approach to sustainability is to maximize the natural advantages of the local climate, while mitigating its extremes. We have also used locally sourced or recycled materials.” [via] watch video below

Entrance of Yacht Club de Monaco

Yacht Club de Monaco at night

Yacht Club de Monaco

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