Until now, bike riding has been restricted to relatively hard surfaces like paved roads and gravel/dirt trails. The XTERRAIN 500 is the first bicycle to truly break these boundaries and gives you the freedom to ride it across sand, mud, tall grass and even deep snow. To help with propulsion on these difficult surfaces, the XTERRAIN 500 has an electric motor that can be used to boost your speed. The first real ATB (All Terrain Bicycle), the XTERRAIN 500 lets you enjoy bike rides on open beaches, rolling hills and most importantly, away from dangerous traffic and polluted city streets.

Pre-order it on Indiegogo here.

XTERRAIN500 all terrain electric bike

XTERRAIN500: the first true off-road electric bicycle

Like any true “Off-road Warrior”, the XTERRAIN 500 has beefy, fat, 26″X 4.6″ wide tires that are not only functional, but a real head turner. If you’re riding this bike, there’s a good chance you’ll have the attention of almost anybody that sees you. For really difficult terrain, the bike has the option of swapping the front tire with a massive 10 inch wide wheel for added traction and balance. This is made possible with unique, interchangeable wheel forks, essentially making the XTERRAIN 500 two bikes in one.

XTERRAIN500 all terrain electric bike

Easily switch between off-road and ATV tires with the XTERRAIN 500 interchangeable wheel forks

The XTERRAIN 500 is powered by a 500 Watt electric motor with a 48 Volt rechargeable battery  that lets you cruise at 20 mph and has an autonomy of about 20 miles (It can go up to 50 miles if the motor is used while pedaling). This bike is also decked out with 6 speed Shimano Turney gears and a RockShox front suspension that is great at absorbing bumps and shocks.

XTERRAIN500 all terrain electric bike

The massive 10 inch tire provides better traction and balance

Riding the XTERRAIN 500 is not only fun, but can also provide a good cardio workout. Just ask anybody that has ever tried to ride a bicycle on a beach and they’ll probably tell you that they failed miserably. But, as the traditional mountain bike is practically undrivable in those conditions, the XTERRAIN 500 pulls through with the 10″ ATV front wheel and electric power.

If you’re a true bicycle enthusiast and want the freedom of true off-road bike riding –> Pre-order the XTERRAIN 500 on Indiegogo here.

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