Working long hours on your laptop can cause all sorts of pains and aches – from stiff neck and achy fingers to back and wrist pain. Considering the sheer number of people who use laptops as their primary computer today, a group of designers, who go by the name Just Mobile, have invented a laptop / MacBook stand called Xtand Pro which not only alleviates various pains associated with using laptops, but it also provides ergonomic viewing angles, it is stylish and looks beautiful on your desk.

Just Mobile Xtand Pro is made from aluminum and it comes with two tubular height settings – the first one is ‘low’ if you use the laptop’s trackpad or keyboard, and the second one is ‘high’ if you are using an external keyboard and a mouse. Also, having your laptop on an elevated stand ensures that air uninterruptedly circulates underneath it so the laptop won’t overheat.

Laptop stand by Just Mobile

Just Mobile Xtand Pro stand is built to last because of its solid construction. It also fits most laptops, including 13″, 15” and 17” MacBook Pro. The stand has non-slip feet with rubber pads that won’t scratch your desk.

So, when the Just Mobile team say that they “live design” and that they “don’t make disposable junk”, looking at Xtand Pro, you cannot help but believe them.

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Xstand laptop stand

Laptop stand

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