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Meet the world’s first handheld, and more importantly, legal flamethrower! Yep, you are not mistaken. The XM42 is a prototype model made by the Ion Productions Team which is currently undergoing crowdfunding on Indiegogo and can be yours. Because who wouldn’t want one of these? Made with practical uses in mind, this flamethrower is fully legal in almost all parts of the US, except in California and Maryland which strictly prohibit possession of such a device.

Handheld XM42

The XM42 is handheld and ready to go

The XM42 Flamethrower is capable of firing flames at the press of a button between 20 and 25 feet. This flamethrower does not need any additional equipment as it is ready to use as it is. Just pick it up, press the button and see your foes go up in flames. Just kidding. This flamethrower isn’t intended for combat purposes or acts of aggression as the creators have precisely stated the practical uses of this device. The XM42 is intended to be used for clearing snow and ice, eliminating weeds between pavement cracks, controlled burns and foliage clearing, insect control, pyrotechnic even displays and starting a bonfire. Unless a zombie apocalypse happens to occur, then feel free to light a few of those suckers up. Otherwise, keep the flames away from people and combustible materials and always use it outdoors as this thing has got a decent range on it.

XM42 craftsmanship

The XM42 is made from the finest materials and looks very cool

This flamethrower will be available to all who are over 18 years of age and only in states which allow the possession of such a device, so make sure you check your local laws and see whether or not you can play, err, I mean responsibly use a flamethrower. The XM42 flamethrowers are available powdercoated in any color, brushed or polished.

XM42 warning

You should be careful about hte way you use the XM42 as it is not a toy

Stable and reliable, the XM42 will excel no matter what you use it for. If you are dying to own one, visit their Indigogo page, pick the color/finish which you would like and by September of this year you will be clearing the snow from your driveway in a hardcore way. [via] watch video below!

XM42 in use

It werfs flammen!

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