If you are one of those guys who likes to spend lazy afternoons while playing your favorite games on your console, then you know all too well that your controller is a big part of the gaming experience. If you happen to be an Xbox user, you will be glad to hear a few things about the new Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, which is a high performance controller geared towards professional gamers. However, there is no reason why casual gamers shouldn’t experience all of the perks which this amazing new controller has to offer, and believe us, a lot of perks come with it. So, let’s see what this controller is all about.


Xbox Elite design

The Xbox Elite Controller sports a more sophisticated and slick design, without the trademark Xbox green

The first thing you will notice about this controller is that the trademark Xbox green is not present and that this paved the way for a more sophisticated appearance with metallic motifs. Even the traditional colors of the ABXY buttons was replaced with simple grey, but it works really well with the rest of its design. This new appearance wasn’t achieved by simply using high gloss plastic, every button and controller component which appears to be metallic is actually made from stainless steel. This gives the controller a much better durability and longevity because you will have to make a real effort to break it. Of course, using steel in the making of a gaming controller does increase the overall weight, but that amount of weight is negligible.

Buttons and Button Mapping

Xbox Elite buttons

Here you can take a look at what does the Xbox Elite package include and which buttons are removable

This is where the Xbox Elite controller shines and this is where its high performance is most notable, the buttons. Except the ABXY buttons, all others are made from stainless steel and are completely removable because most of them are held firmly in place by magnets. This controller includes a set of three different sized thumbsticks (large, medium and small) so you can combine which suits your play style better. The D-pad was also overhauled as you will receive a standard and faceted D-pad, and once again make the controller work for your specific needs.

Xbox Elite performance

This high performance controller is geared towards professional gamers

The set of four pedals are completely interchangeable and extremely useful. This level of customization is further increased with the button mapping app which allows you to create mapping profiles for each of the games you play and store them on the cloud. Two profiles can be stored directly on the controller so you can access them on the spot, with a simple press of a button.

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is one of the very few high performance controllers which offer this level of customization currently on the market. This approach to gaming gear is an excellent move because if you feel that the controls are more suited to you, you will have a better gaming experience. Let’s hope that the Xbox Elite will nudge its competitors this way and we start seeing more gaming equipment of this type in the near future.

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