Winner of Backpacker Magazine’s 2015 Editor’s Choice Award, the X-Pot is a camping cook pot which will make packing a breeze. Packing cook pots is the main issue revolving around them and the fellas at Sea to Summit have managed to solve it in a simple way. This, seemingly regular, cook pot is capable of collapsing to a 2 inch tall cook pot. And here lies the beauty of it since there will be no issues carrying it around. The walls of this cook pot are made from food grade, heat resistant silicone which makes it lightweight. As for the base, it was made from hard anodized aluminum which offers a fast boil time. The secret behind its rigidness lies in the stainless steel ring embedded in the rim of this cook pot which will let you use it just as a regular one.

X-Pot full size

When it’s in full size, the X-Pot functions as a normal cook pot

But Sea to Summit didn’t stop there with the features of the X-Pot. They decided to use a transparent lid which adds visibility to it and even added a strainer to the lid so its utility went through the roof. The entirety of the X-Pot can be secured for transport with the handles as they can easily be attached to the lid for extra safety. It is available in two color variants: grey and pacific blue.

X-Pot food grade silicone

Food grade silicon from which the X-Pot is made of makes it perfectly safe for use

The X-Pot is not an award winning cook pot for nothing and all you need now would be an equally portable camping stove which can make packing for a camping trip even more easier. Campers have never been blessed with more compact camping gear as they have been this year.

Get it from Amazon here.

X-Pot compact size

The X-Pot is very easy to pack since it is only 2 inches tall when collapsed

Check out Backpacker Magazine’s video review of the X-Pot.

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