X-Jets Jetblade | A Serious Alternative To The Jetovator

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Some time ago we featured the Jetovator, a powerful flying water-propelled bike. Now, there’s one more ride that will give you an amazing experience and flying like experience. X-Jets Jetblade is something like a water-propelled jetpack, but it’s attached to your feet.

You’ll be standing in mid-air and balancing the board above the water. X-Jets Jetblade will propel you using hydro power up to three stories above the water surface. And this ride won’t be short. You can stay in the air for about 15 to 30 minutes.

X-Jets Jetblade

X-Jets Jetblade uses hydro power to propel you and give you 15-30 minutes long ride.

Jetblade is made of durable marine construction. To keep the ride smooth and under control, there are dual row sealed bearings under each foot. Jetblade doesn’t have a completely stationary platform. It allows you to move and turn just by tilting your feet. You’ll have total control of it, can even do complete 360s.

Riding The X-Jets Jetblade

You’re in total control of it. You can move, turn, do 360s.

Jetblade is compatible with all wakeboard boots and bindings. It allows you to adjust the stance width from 38 to 42 centimeters, so it can fit different sizes. The floats are marine foam filled and durable, so they provide more safety.

Hydro Shaped Y tube is designed specifically to keep the water flow constant and powerful. The hose is attached to the tube with stainless steel dual bolt band clamps. It’s attached really tight, to endure the water pressure so there are no blow-offs. In order to use it, besides the hose, the Jetblade also requires a jet ski adaptor.

Differen Moves On X-Jets Jetblade

Riding the X-Jets Jetblade.

Jetblade is accessible and mostly safe. Before using it, you’ll need 10-20 minutes of on-shore instruction to learn how to take off and control it. Riding it will give you new thrills, a lot of fun and make you feel like you have superpowers. [via]

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Check out this promo video and see Jetblade in action

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