X-Cap Light Up Hat


With winter approaching, you need to find something useful for upcoming dark and chilly nights. Such an item is for sure the X-Cap Light Up Hat. This hat will keep both your head warm and allow you to see better in the dark.

X-Cap is knitted and one size fits all. It features an LED right in the front that allows you to see in the dark, which is especially great for when you’re trying to do something outside and need a better view. It’s perfect for night cycling or jogging, walking the dog, cleaning the snow from your driveway, finding your keys or reading a book.

Grey And Black X-Cap Light Up Hat

This knit hat features a removable and rechargeable light on the front.

To turn it on, you just have to click on it. The 120-lumen light has four different light settings that influence how bright the light is. X-Cap Light Up Hat uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. To charge it, just use a USB port and once recharged, it can last for four hours. Also, when you want to wash your hat, just make sure you remove the light. You can get it in grey and black. [via]

Check out this video and see X-Cap Light Up Hat in action. 

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