WORX WG650 Electric Snow Thrower


The thing that last comes to mind when someone mentions snow is shoveling. But that is actually the most common activity during winter. WORX offers help in the fight against snow. With its 13-amp motor and 18 inch wide clearing range Electric Snow Thrower will save you energy and time.

When you take into account the facts that Worx Electric Snow Thrower can throw snow 30 feet away and can go 10 inches deep, you almost overlook the fact that it’s not auger propelled and you have to do all the pushing. But don’t worry, pushing will not be harder than shoveling because the blower only weighs 30 pounds.

A guy using Worx Electric Snow Thrower

WORX Electric Snow Thrower weighs just 30 pounds and can throw snow 30 feet far.

Another interesting feature is its ability to adjust the discharge chute up to 180 degrees. Of course, you would need to stop blowing snow in order to adjust it. Also, as well as most of the machines of this type, this one has chute control on handlebars. The handlebars are collapsible and have three height settings. This means you can set it at a comfortable level and avoid unnecessary fatigue. The rubber-tipped steel auger is made to be very durable, but also gentle to your driveway or sidewalk.

Handles of Worx Electric Snow Thrower

The handlebars are collapsible, have chute control and three height settings. This way you can set it at a comfortable level.

You should remember that this machine is made for regions with light snowfall. That means it’s not perfect for moving wet or deep snow. But it’s perfectly fine for clearing your driveway, sidewalk and patios when the snow is up to 10 inches deep. WORX Electric Snow Thrower is compact, takes little space, and because it’s so lightweight, it can be hung up the garage doors when you’re not using it.

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