The WorxAeroCart is a multifunction wheelbarrow which can be really helpful to workaholics. In standard form it is a common wheelbarrow and you can load up to 300 pounds of sod into it, while the cart itself weighs about 38 lbs. Besides this main function, this heavy duty cart has 7 others.

This 8-in-1 multipurpose Worx aerocart can be transformed into a fridge-lugging hand truck by pulling the pin and moving the wheels, and this is basically how you convert it into any other form. If you need to move a propane tank, it will not be a problem, because it can morph into a cylinder dolly, as well. Also, it can be a bag holder, just move the parts and it is you are ready to carry your groceries.

Worx Aerocart multifunction wheelbarrow

Changing its purpose by transforming it is really simple, since the inventors designed it to be very easy to use. Its Turbo Lift design allows you to lift 200 lbs effortlessly, because it adjusts the center of gravity amazingly and it will feel like you are lifting only 17 lbs. This means that you get around 400% more lifting power in comparison to a traditional wheelbarrow.

All of this is especially important for some of its forms, such as a plant or rock lifter or a trailer mover, which will help you carry them comfortably and do a two person job on your own without any difficulties. Of course, the tires are also important for holding heavy cargos, and they high-quality flat free tires, that never require inflating. With the wheelbarrow come straps that will help you secure the load.

Multifunction wheelbarrow

The WorxAeroCart is a must have in every yard, because it will eliminate any backbreaking work you have to do, like moving the furniture, flower pots or any other bulky item.

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Worx Aerocart multifunction wheelbarrow

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