In our busy work-dictated schedules, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get your body that minimum stretch-and-workout time. That’s one of the reasons why WorkFit Sit-Stand Workstation will certainly be a much-loved addition to your business or home office environment.

The WorkFit-A will boost your productivity and keep your wellness high as it allows you to switch between standing and sitting positions while busying away at your computer work. Without the need for replacements or major carpentry adjustments, the WorkFit-A can be easily attached to your desk or any other flat surface that doesn’t extend beyond 31.5 inches and is not thicker than 2.56 inches. Assembling the set doesn’t require much of skill as Ergotron provides a concise instruction manual and even includes some of the tools you might need to set up the desk.

Workfit Sit Stand Workstation

You can use the included ratchet wrench to adjust the strength of the spring and make any modifications necessary to ensure a safe movable platform for your computer. The counterbalanced design makes it possible for you move the whole computer setup upwards and downwards just by pulling or pushing the tray.

The WorkFit will work well with newer Apple iMacs and Cinema Displays, and even some of the older versions too, though not all of them. The adjustable-height standing desk will allow you to swing and swivel the keyboard and display in one simple motion, ensuring you maintain a comfortable computing position for extended periods of time.

With a number of adjustment points and easy-to-use mechanism, solid built and some 15.7 kilograms in weight, the WorkFit Workstations offers a lot of flexibility and makes your work less tedious and your joints less stiff after a long day at the office. [via]

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Workfit Sit Stand Workstation

Standing Workstation

Sit Stand Workstation

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